The history of the cottage in Norway

The house was a former taxi booth in the center of Tynset. The former owner disassembled the house. Because it is a blockhouse it was easy to enumerate the beams an assemble them again. The moment it was sold the conditions were very poor. The was now floor in the house, no stove and no open fire place. The whole house was one room. The walls were not tight and the wind went through. The roof was only covered with thin boards and roofing card boards. But it was a good starting point, because the rough work was somehow done. The price at that time was including the lot 12.000 Deutschmark equals now to 6.000 Euro.
It looked already better. To the frontside a veranda was attached, to the backside a shed with a toilet was built. Inside the house was shared into different rooms. Of course a floor was there and fire places as well.The roof was coverd with soil and grass as it is the custom in Norway.
An extra house was built, dedicated to a workshop and a guest room. But not finished in this year
Material was delivered to finish the interior of the extra house.
A special equipment was invented to sort and to clean collected blueberries.
A bench on the south side of the house provides the warmest place outside, especially when the sun shins.
A platform was built to have some more plane space. It is built over a whole which was originally meant to become a cellar. The idea was given up.
In the first years some furniture was bought.
Primitive possibilities to make the laundry and to weave carpets were set up.
Playing in the living room.
The veranda had a primitive form of bath room.
The extra house got a chimney.
In the living room was in that time a bunk bed with three levels.
Beside the open fire place the heating of the house was done by a paraffin stove.
Self invented games became very popular.
Cooking in the kitchen by gas.

The former entrance to the guest room.
The sleeping room unter the roof got a small window.
For a short time the idea appeared to sell the house and to buy another one at another place.
A ditch is prepared for a cable. The house get electricity. Before only candles and paraffin lamp provided the light.
The new white box on the wall is the fuse box.
Preparing of material for some future plans.
The veranda was partly widened and endowed with windows and a wall by glass.
Interior of the new glass veranda.
Entrance to the guestroom.
Foundation of the new extension of the building.
Continue of the work in May next year.
Also a new parking lot was arranged.
The new part of the house is almost finished.
The north side of the house gets a bigger window.
The north wall of the house gets a better insulation and a new cover.
The north part of the house is finished. Left the rack of the new shower.
The roof is to renew. All soil has to come down. For this reason a ramp is constructed.
The soil comes back onto the roof.
The veranda gets a new cover.
Working with the computer. The paraffin stove is replaced by a fire wood stove.
Playing and puzzle in the new cottage extention.
Cows are attacking and conquer the garden. Very annoying!
For the new stove and the open fire place fire wood is needed.
Winter time, with the shower in the background.
Delivery of topsoil - to give the plants better chance to grow.
Setting up a fence to prevent future cow attacks on the plants.

A new swimming pool!
The new garden is growing. In the foreground a glasshouse to grew some salat.
The foundation of the new childrens house
In the workshop.
Constructing a space for the doll's house.
Playing a long lasting game.
On the roof.
The chimney of the guestroom becomes red.
The childrens house has now a gras top.
The library becomes bigger and bigger.
The roof looks ugly and should also be covered by grass.
In the children's house.
After more than 30 years the platform became bad.
Constructing of new elements for the platform.
The new platform is finished.
The roof of the workshop and the guest rooms becomes prepared to get a grass roof.
The toilet provides more and more entertainment.
The soil for the grass roof is delivered.
A special foil is applied to secure the tightness of the roof before the soil is to put on.
2007 The work is done. The grass roof is finished.
The platform became rotten and was to renew.
The door gets a window
The remaining part of the old platform was removed, because is was really rotten, including the insecure stairs

After the removal of the stairs I started to construct the new platform

Now the new stairs to the roof followed...including a new bench